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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Paper Projects in 3d

For a large range of projects. All are perfect for print and cut projects.
Motorbikes and rare animals of the world.
Fold4world includes calendars.
Paper Toys
Includes moving toys, baskets, gift boxes and games.
Paper Modelz
An large range of projects and links to other sites.
Folding Trees
Showcases other sites with papercrafts.
Family Crafts
A long list of items including cars and buildings.
Paper Museum
Not in English. Vehicles animals Christmas dollhouses and more.
Haunted Dimensions
Models of haunted houses and tombstones in pdf format.
Papercraft Paradise Lists sites with 3d paper objects suitable for printing and cutting.
Dungeons and Dragons
3d buildings. Also suitable for print and cut projects.
Baud and Bui - Card Models
Buildings from around the world in pdf format.
Owl and Mouse Educational Software farm building.
Guido's Paper Works scroll down the page to find the models.
The models are in jpeg format and would be ideal for print and cut projects.
Mike Hungerford: Paper Models
Paper Replika for a large range of 3d models in pdf format. Write down the password supplied with the downloaded file as it is needed each time to open the pfd file. The files cannot be imported into programs but can be printed.
fold4world.com  lovely 3d items in pdf format. Files offered for free do have time limits and change from time to time.
The Disney Experience
Page 42 Loads of free 3d printable projects. Some of the projects include Cinderella's Castle, cars, Mississippi steamboat and there are board games to print.


Cubee Craft
Cubed characters.
Paper Kraft
Very detailed items including Pokemon and Final Fantasy characters.
Playland Station
Tv characters and robots.

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