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Friday, 10 July 2009

Inkscape - Drawing a Heart and Teardrop

Grid can be used to help draw a heart shape.
See post on Using Grid to Draw Objects for a more complete explanation.

- Turn on grid. View>Grid (or # on the keyboard)
- Draw a basic heart shape.
- Select node edit (left bar, second from top) to have access to the node editing menu.
- Select object to be edited.
- Select the nodes on one side, they will turn blue, click on symmetrical nodes on top menu bar as shown.
- Repeat node editing on the opposite side of the heart.
- If you want to colour fill the heart, select the object and click on a colour from the lower colour bar.
- If you want to further edit the heart it is usually better to turn grid off as it makes it easier to manipulate the nodes.
- Save file.

- Turn on grid
- Draw a basic heart shape
- Select node edit then click on object to be edited
- Select nodes on one side and click on symmetrical nodes
- Repeat on other side of shape
- Change colour fill and stroke
- Save file

The same method can be used to draw raindrops and other rounded closed shapes.

Click on any image for a larger view.

Another way to draw a teardrop.
Draw a circle or oval.
Path>Object to Path.
Select node edit and turn the top node into a corner node as shown below.

Select the new corner node and move it to the desired location.
I use guidlines to ensure the top node being relocated stays in-line with the bottom node to give a symmetrical shape. Using guidelines is optional.
If you would like a sharper corner point highlight the node to be changed and just drag the node handles to change the shape.
Save file.


  1. It would be very helpful if when you hover over the draw you can switch between the different shapes that you have behind with a combination of keys or similar. Something similar to the systems used in software like Inventor or Pros to select the different instances.

  2. I have just found your site great tutorials thank you for your generosity.


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