"". Cut Two Pieces: Rain

Thursday, 23 December 2010


Anybody living in Queensland, Australia knows all about the record breaking rainfall we have been getting lately. Last week we had 3 thunderstorms. During the worst storm we had hail the size of golf balls and lightning struck a tree across the road. Below is a picture taken 5 minutes into one of the milder storms. As you can see the downpipes cannot cope with the volume of water running off the roof.
Anyway I didn't post to chat about the rain as such. As we live on acreage it has caused a problem with the snakes. Apparently they don't like the rain either. The other day I went to collect the mail and didn't spot this carpet python until I was about to go back in the front door. My daughter took the pictures as I have a phobia about them. It was 1.8 metres long. I can assure you I will be checking all outdoor furniture carefully before sitting down.


  1. Creepy!!! The snake is huge! Ugh!

  2. Hahahahahaha! If you could have heard me as I scrolled down to the pic, you would have had quite a chuckle: (breathlessly & high-pitched) "uh-uh-uh-uh-uh..." I am deathly afraid of the varmints! We used to live along a river, and there was a mama garter snake (again, you would chuckle - fully grown, they're about 15 inches/38 cm long), who had babies under a rock near our back door. Every time I went out to hang laundry on the clothesline, she would come out and hiss at me. Scared the bejeebers out of me! I can't imagine, Carolyn! I stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas, and now, to wish you safety in the New Year, too! Yikes!

  3. Omg! I think my hair would've changed texture had I seen that slithering on my CHAIR!!! Where is Bear Grylls when you need him?!

  4. That's a BRILLIANT photo of a carpet snake, Carolyn! He's very handsome. Am I right in thinking these ones are not poisonous? We don't have many snakes in the UK - only one is poisonous and you hardly ever see them. I don't mind snakes as long as they are not life-threatening!!

    Hope you are surviving all that rain. We've had lots of snow but it's going now. Have a happy new year!

  5. Hi Shoshi, the snake in the photo is not poisonous. We do get the poisonous brown snakes here and that is what scares me, where are they? lol.

  6. I said, oh, wow, glad I don't live in Australia and my hubby wanted to know why. I showed him the pic and he's like is it poisonous? Like it matters-lol! I wanted to let you know I just found your site and downloaded quite a few of your free files and some of your daughter's drawings-thanks!! I will be sure to link back if I post any of my creations on my blog. And I typically try to leave a comment with a link to my blog so you can see your artwork in use :)


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