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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Form to help you select a new cutting machine

Which machine is best? The answer to that question is not so simple. We all have different budgets and need a cutter for different reasons. To make your selection a little bit easier I have created a form in pdf format for you to download.

The form consists of a series of questions to research on one side and a place to write the names of 3 machines on the other side. You can then tick boxes and see which machine best suits your needs. The form is only a guideline to help with your search. I based most of the questions on my experience in the cutting community over the last 4 years. Ignore any questions you are not interested in. As I am sure I have forgotten to add some questions feel free to add your own. As I said it is only meant to be a starting point to help with your search.

Access and downlod the pdf form here 
Or if you prefer Google docs you can access the form here

Screenshot of page one is below.

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  1. Ooo Carolyn shame I didn't know you when I purchased a discontinued cutter from a dealer who knew that the machine was going to be replaced and was just looking to offload her remaining stock.......I have since learnt that before buying a craft product you need to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH...........


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