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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Create a Calendar in Inkscape

Do you use Inkscape? Did you know there is a built in feature to create calendars? If you don’t have Inkscape but would like to make a calendar go here and download the program (it is free).
To create a calendar is very easy. To start open Extensions>Render>Calendar.cal
Now you will see a new window with some more options.
Make any changes and press Apply when finished to create your calendar.cal2  cal1cal3  cal4
exTo make further changes ungroup several times. The font selected, the font size and font colour can all be changed. If you want to further personalise your calendar you can add a background or an image. The choice is yours.  3
If you wish to share the calendar you create you may prefer to save it as a PDF document so friends who do not own Inkscape can also print the calendar.

Edited - 29-10-2012
A reader has asked how to change the year of the calendar. A very good question as many of us want to start creating calendars for next year.
To change the year, open the Configuration tab and enter the year as shown below.


  1. NICE, Thanks this is a really useful and fun feature.

  2. I love these, what fun.So many great ideas!


  3. But, how to change the year?
    it still in 2012, I can't change it to 2013

  4. Hi Claudius, Sorry for the delay in answering. I was overseas on holiday and did not have access to Inkscape. If you look at the above post, you will see I have added how the year can be changed.


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