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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Rhinestone Butterfly - Free file

Free butterfly rhinestone design.
Here is a picture of a card I created using the butterfly design. It is based on the same butterfly I used for a few of my past free files. This card was very difficult to photograph due to the sparkle in the glitter.
At the time of cutting this stencil I did not have any rhinestones but I was impatient to see how it looked, so I used glitter. I placed the mylar stencil on a pre-cut piece of double sided sticker paper and sprinkled magenta glitter over the stencil. I then removed the stencil and sprinkled white glitter over the the rest of the sticker paper.

Cut out projects can be sold.
The digital file cannot be sold or shared on other websites. 
Please do not share the direct download link or repost on any websites or forums.