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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

5 Single Line Fonts

A site with 5 single line fonts. These ones need a bit of manual manipulation but it is fast and easy and I think it is worth it as their are a few unusual fonts.

Link to site HERE Look near the bottom of the page for the download link.

Below is a screenshot of the fonts you can download. On the left is how they look when typed with stroke on and fill off. On the right is how they look after being manually changed. It doesn't take long to change the font.

A few days ago I found an extension for Inkscape that makes the removal of the extra line easier and I have uploaded a video showing how to install and use the extension. The video also shows how to remove the extra line manually.  Video can be found hereIf you prefer the manual method the steps are listed below.

Instructions listing how I changed the letters that were a closed shape.
Changing a letter is fast and easy, except the Handscript font which is a bit shaky and may need some nodes smoothing.
1-  Select the typed text, apply Path>Object to Path.
2-  Ungroup.
3-  Hold down the shift key and select the node at the end of each segment you wish to remove. Only select two nodes at any one time.

4- When the two nodes are selected apply delete segment between two non-endpoint nodes as shown below.

5- Continue deleting segments and save the file.
For basic information on working with single line fonts see this post here.

Working with Single Line Fonts in Inkscape

I tend to work in Inkscape with Fill On. If you are the same, you may run into problems when using single line fonts. Work with Stroke On and Fill Off. Another alternative is to work in Outline mode to clearly see the path of the font.

I know many of us like to change the spacing between each letter when we are working with fonts. A few things are slightly different when working with single line fonts.
You can still kern text in the normal manner.
You can still apply Object to Path and Ungroup to change the spacing between letters.
You cannot apply Path>Union, instead use Path>Combine.
You cannot apply Stroke to Path or you will end up with double lines. See example below.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Celtic knot style double heart

I was playing around with a few hearts and the knot feature in Inkscape and ended up with this design. As Valentine's day is the next occasion, I thought somebody may find a use for the file. It is easy to cut out as there are only two pieces.
The digital file is not to be sold or shared on any other website. I am sharing the file to be used for non commercial purposes. If you have any questions please contact me.