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Friday, 20 April 2012

Inkscape–from Spiral to Spider Web

A few nights ago I was playing with the spiral feature in Inkscape and ended up with a design that reminded my of a spider web. I decided I would start with a new spiral and see how it could be achieved. If you want to design a simple web for a project you will find this method is fast and easy to create.
After working out how to change a spiral to a web I continued testing other methods to see if I could make a web where I had more control over the design. I will be posting my results as a separate post. Meanwhile I will show you how I changed a spiral to a web.


Written Information

Extra information if you need to locate the node editing items I used in my project
insert new nodes

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Engraving Fonts

More fonts suitable for pen or engraving projects. Please note, the following fonts are not true single line fonts. They do have double lines but both lines are on the same path. If you are engraving or using a pen in you cutter it just means the pen or engraving tool will go over the same line twice.

The fonts are not suitable for rhinestone projects as both lines will be recognised by the software and you will end up with two of each circle.

It is possible to remove the double line and save as a document. I patiently removed the double lines and saved each font as an SVG file. It means I have to select each letter and align them instead of using the font in the normal manner.
The above comments relate to how the fonts work in Inkscape. They may work differently in other programs.

Download CNC Vector font HERE or click on the image.
cnc vector

Download the CamBam Stick fonts HERE or click on the image.
Coming Soon.
More links and information about suitable fonts for engraving or using a pen in your cutter. I will also add information and tutorials for fonts suitable for rhinestone designs.