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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Selecting multiple objects in Inkscape

Selecting multiple objects.
I use three different methods to select multiple objects. Once the objects are selected they can be edited as normal, for example grouped, combined, resized, rotated or deleted.

1. Hold down Shift key and use the mouse to click on each object to be selected.
2. Select by colour.
-Shift F for a new menu panel.
-drag colour selection from lower colour bar and drop into Style in the new menu panel.
- click on Find.
- All items of the selected colour are now highlighted. You may notice the colour is now a number in the style box. It changes automatically to a number when you drop the colour there from the lower colour bar.

3. Hold down the Alt key and drag mouse through items to be selected.
When Alt is held down a red line will be visible, making it easier to select the chosen path.

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