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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Celtic knot style double heart

I was playing around with a few hearts and the knot feature in Inkscape and ended up with this design. As Valentine's day is the next occasion, I thought somebody may find a use for the file. It is easy to cut out as there are only two pieces.
The digital file is not to be sold or shared on any other website. I am sharing the file to be used for non commercial purposes. If you have any questions please contact me.

California Holiday

This post is a little late as I actually had the holiday in October/November. I had an amazing 4 weeks in California. The holiday was a total surprise and I only had two weeks warning. My parents booked a holiday and surprised me with a ticket.

My favourite and most memorable thing about the holiday was the friendliness of everyone we met. My least favourite thing about the holiday was having to rely on public transport.

Okay, why didn't I drive? It was because I was a coward to drive on the right side of the road. I have driven on the left side for over 30 years and was nearly run over on the first day as I looked the wrong way for traffic before crossing the road. Yes, I know I should look left and right and I sure did after that incident. So most of our holiday was limited to cities with Amtrak stations.
After spending 3 days getting lost in Los Angeles we decided to go to Yosemite National Park. This was our first of many errors. We decided it would a good idea to stay in Merced and catch the local bus to the park. However, the first bus meant we arrived at Yosemite to late to catch the grand tour, so I missed seeing the sequoias. I loved everything about the park, the feel, the smell of the trees, it was just so peaceful. I hope to return one day and see more of the park. I have decided I will get over my fear of driving on the other side of the road if it means I can see more of the park.
Our next stop was San Francisco and we just happened to arrive the day the Giants won the game. We spent a week in San Francisco and had a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge from our hotel window. Of course I did all the touristy things such as visiting Alcatraz, and going for a ride on a cable car.
After being in San Francisco for a few days I decided to catch a train to visit a friend in San Jose. My second huge mistake, I should have watched the news the night before. I chose the day the Giants had a parade to celebrate their win. The city was chaos and you can imagine how crowded the train stations were with Giant's fans arriving non stop. I arrived at my destination much later than expected and had a lovely relaxing time at Susan's. Sitting outside in her beautiful garden and relaxing was well worth the trip.

The next outing was another surprise. Susan and her lovely husband took me to Big Basin National Park to see the giant redwoods. The only word needed to describe the trees is - awesome. It is such a strange feeling being among trees that are so big and so old. Definitely an experience I will remember.  Unfortunately I don't have many photo's as yes, I made another mistake. I didn't realise I had knocked the setting on the camera when I took it out of the bag and most of the photo's are too blurry to use.
Our next destination was San Diego, my favourite city during the vacation. I have always wanted to visit San Diego Zoo and Seaworld and I can now tick them off my list. I would like to visit again and stay longer as 3 days was not long enough to see it all.
The next stop was Palm Springs and this was our first trip on a Greyhound bus. When the driver announced Palm Springs we were stunned, the bus stop was also the train station and it was the only building in the middle of a desert. My mother refused to get off as it looked so remote. I didn't know but my friend Suzan and her husband were there to pick us up. However, as we have only seen small profile pictures of each other on forums we did not recognise each other. I had a wonderful time in Palm Springs and had the priveledge of staying with Suzan and her family for a few days. It was so nice to be in a normal home after a few weeks of hotel rooms. We had many funny conversations due to differences in language even though we both speak English.

Palm Springs was the last city before returning to Los Angeles. This time we stayed near Olvera Street and Union station, so getting out and about was so much easier. I left a week before my parents and had fun at the airport. Two custom agents took me aside to search my bags. The culprit, a bottle of water. On my return to Australia, customs also singled me out. This time the culprit was a package containing two ice hockey sticks for my son.

One more important lesson we learnt. If the hotel phone states to ring 91 and then the phone number, be very careful. My mother accidently rang 911 and caused a bit drama as the operator then rang the hotel to find out what the problem was. I will be back and next time I will drive or at least make sure I travel with someone who will drive.