"". Cut Two Pieces: Tiled Clones with Rotate.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Tiled Clones with Rotate.

I use tiled clones with rotate when creating circular designs. I have made a video to show the basic steps. There are way too many options to show on one video, so go ahead and experiment and find out how easy it is to use when creating files for your cutter.
Draw your shape
Move the centre of the shape, so it rotates from the new centre.
Open tiled clones Edit>Clone>Create Tiled Clones
Change settings as shown below, then click on Create.
Unlink the clones and apply Path>Union.
Save file.

I would then use the design as a stencil as shown in the example below.
A few more ideas for using tiled clones with rotate.
Draw a few shapes and apply Path>Union (Path>Combine also works the same).
The two examples below use the same group of stars. In the second example I flipped the group of stars vertical and then created the tiled clones with rotate.

Another example that would be great for creating rhinestone designs. Draw circles in different sizes, align and apply Path>Union. Move the centrepoint and clone tiles with rotate as described above.
I have only shown a few examples and there are so many other possibilities. I would love to see any projects you create using tiled clones with rotate.
Please feel free to share this information to help others learn Inkscape. If you post this information on another blog, please reference this post. If you let me know I will add a link to your post on the subject so people have a wider base to learn from.


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