"". Cut Two Pieces: Final Post

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Final Post

Hi, this is my first post since December 2012. I still use Inkscape but I now run my own laser cutting business. Unfortunately, I no longer have any spare time to continue adding tutorials and links to handy sites.

I will leave all existing posts in place but keep in mind Inkscape has been updated a few times and many of my tutorials will now be out of date. To keep up with the latest information I suggest you visit the Inkscape Cutting Design forum. The forum is run by Brynn who is very knowledgeable with Inkscape. You can ask questions and be helped by some very talented people. I encourage anyone learning Inkscape to visit the forum.

I kept hoping I would have time to revive this blog but sadly it is time to say goodbye. I thank everyone who left encouraging comments and to the new friends from the Inkscape community who were always there to help out. I no longer monitor this website and do visit the Inkscape Cutting Design forum on a regular basis.

Goodbye and All the Best

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