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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Inkscape - Objects to Pattern

I use Objects to Pattern to create my own background papers and to create unusual lattice type designs. Any bitmap, vector or group of images can be used.
If you look at the pattern in outline it will not be visible and if you try to change the colour it will fill the entire area. The pattern is visible but is not editable, it is like a mirage.

Examples showing a shape drawn in Inkscape and Objects to Pattern applied.

Examples showing a photo imported and Objects to Pattern applied.

- import or draw an image.
- select image.
- Object>Pattern>Objects to Pattern /or Alt i on the keyboard.

The shape should now have a selection of nodes around it.
If it doesn't, double click on the shape.

- select the shape and change the measurement, the example is inches.
- change the width and height, the example is 12 x 12.

Now you can play around and modify the pattern.
The circle node at the top left rotates the pattern.

The circle node on the right hand side can be dragged down to round the corners.

The square node at the top left can be used to rotate, resize and skew the pattern.

The node on the bottom right can be used to resize the canvas size.

I use Object to Pattern to create designs to print. If I create a particular pattern that I wish to cut I make a bitmap copy Edit>Make a Bitmap Copy and then trace the bitmap.