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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Sites with Inkscape Tutorials

If you don't have Inkscape, follow this link to download the free program. Here. The download link is at the top right for Windows users.

Here is a list of sites I know have Inkscape tutorials. Many of the sites listed have video tutorials and I have watched very few, as I have internet that runs slower than dial up speed most of the time. When I do have a good connection and can watch videos I go to screencasters.heathenx.org. The following list of links are the sites I know about and I am sure there are many more. If you know of any good sites I have missed let me know and I will add a link to the site.

The first links are to manuals. These are the sites I visit regularly to learn Inkscape.
 A Quick Guide to Inkscape. This link is great, especially for people new to Inkscape. It very clearly shows all the basic steps you need to learn and is very easy to understand.
Inkscape - A Guide to Vector Drawing Program. A great easy to read and understand manual for Inkscape written by Tavmjong Bah.

Graphic Designers
The next list of links are tutorials written by graphic designers who use Inkscape. All of the tutorials are great but if you are designing files for your cutter remember a graphic artist only needs to make images look like they are in one piece, if you plan to cut items they need to be in one piece. Follow the tutorials to learn how to design in Inkscape but go one step further and make the files suitable for cutting.
screencasters.heathenx.org Very easy to follow and understand video tutorials.
Learn Digital Design  Another site with easy to follow video tutorials.
Very Simple Designs Very easy to follow tutorials. There is a great one on Spiro swirls.
Inkscape Tutorials Weblog - Features tutorials from various sites. A lot of these are only suitable for graphic designers but well worth a look for sourcing new sites and new information.
You Tube - this link will take you to over 60 video tutorials. Some are from people who are graphic designer and other tutorials are from people who own cutters.
Graphic Tip another site with video tutorials from both graphic designers and owners of cutters.
Nicu's How-to Inkscape, Gimp and Open Office tutorials. The post on postage stamps is great as it shows three different ways to achieve to look. 
The order of the stick avatar with Inkscape. You can learn a lot about Inkscape by reading this tutorial as it explains all the steps involved with screenshots.
Inkscape Tutorials  A different way to trace an image using live path effects and butterfly technique showing how to create mirror image designs.
Penguin Pete's showing how to use a lot of the new features available in Inkscape version 0.47
Chris Design Blog  graphic design site, great if using Inkscape for digital stamps or digital scrapbooking.
Raikar Designs easy to follow tutorials.
Inkscape Tutorials  Tutorials showing how to  draw cartoon animals. Very easy to follow instructions. 

Tutorials from owners of die cutting machines.
The following sites are owned by people who use Inkscape to design files for their cutters.

Of course my site has tutorials. Look at the labels to the right.
Or visit my channel on You Tube here.
My Adventures with Cricut, SCAL and Inkscape