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Thursday, 23 December 2010


Anybody living in Queensland, Australia knows all about the record breaking rainfall we have been getting lately. Last week we had 3 thunderstorms. During the worst storm we had hail the size of golf balls and lightning struck a tree across the road. Below is a picture taken 5 minutes into one of the milder storms. As you can see the downpipes cannot cope with the volume of water running off the roof.
Anyway I didn't post to chat about the rain as such. As we live on acreage it has caused a problem with the snakes. Apparently they don't like the rain either. The other day I went to collect the mail and didn't spot this carpet python until I was about to go back in the front door. My daughter took the pictures as I have a phobia about them. It was 1.8 metres long. I can assure you I will be checking all outdoor furniture carefully before sitting down.