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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Projects using Extrude in Inkscape

Cutter files created using ‘extrude’ in Inkscape. I have only shown a few examples and there are so many other possibilities. You can create stained glass type designs, windows and gems. Experiment and see what you can create.
I haven’t shown examples but experiment with flipping one of the shapes vertical or horizontal. The two shapes look the same until you apply extrude. Or, try more than two shapes or place them side by side.

The steps will be the same regardless of the location of the shapes used. Open Inkscape and give it a try.

Below is a pictorial showing the steps I use. 
My written instructions and images are not to be posted anywhere else on the internet. Before I make a video I spend a lot of time testing out the possibilities and problems that you may encounter. I write these tutorials to help people who are learning to use Inkscape. I do not make them for others to take credit and post as their own on websites and forums. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the information being shared. I am against people who claim my work as their own.


  1. I've been throwing a hissy fit because I couldn't get this to work for me, so I will have to rely on the Girls at Inkscapecuttingdesign to help me out.....

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