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Monday, 14 May 2012

Lattice Created Using the Path Effect - Construct Grid

I have been experimenting with the Path Effects in Inkscape to see how they can be used to create cutting files. I discovered Construct Grid can be used to create basic lattice shapes.

I have uploaded a video showing how easy it is to create lattice using this method. Under the video you will find written instructions to save you taking notes.

Written Instructions.
My written instructions and images are not to be posted anywhere else on the internet. Before I make a video I spend a lot of time testing out the possibilities and problems that you may encounter. I write these tutorials to help people who are learning to use Inkscape. I do not make them for others to take credit and post as their own on websites and forums. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the information being shared. I am against people who claim my hard work as their own.


  1. Thank you Carolyn. You always make it look and be so easy for people like me.


  2. So glad you did this! I've been wanting to try to get these results but couldn't really figure out how to do it easily...
    AND I'm appalled anyone would take your work and do that! It's just gross what people do!

  3. I find that having both the video and the written work well for me. I watch the video a couple of times and then print the instructions for when i try it...there are always little gems within the video that I didn't know about.

    Another great one!


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