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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Video - Single Line and Engraving Fonts

I am currently doing a series on single line fonts. As you may have noticed if you have downloaded free single line or engraving fonts that they are not true single lines. True type fonts (tff) have closed paths and many letters of the alphabet require an open path to be a true single line.

I have noticed there are two types of fonts for single lines, one type actually has two lines on top of each other and they are fine if you plan to use a pen or engraving tool in your cutter. Unfortunately, rhinestone designs require a lot of manual input if you want to use this type of font. The other type of single line font is truly single but it has an extra line to close the path. They are my preferred font for rhinestone designs as the extra line can be deleted.

In the video I show how I change both styles of font to a single line to use in my projects. Inkscape is a versatile program with many options and I am sure my way is not the only way. The video is only a guideline to help you get started if you have encountered a few problems when working with single line or engraving fonts.

I already have a few links to download single line and engraving fonts and the links can be found on these posts. If you would like to see more tutorials check back often as I will be adding more posts. 


  1. Carolyn.... I'm so excited you are posting tutorials for using single line fonts. I was just looking for information on this a couple days ago and couldn't find what I needed. Thank you, thank you!

  2. You are such a great teacher. Great tutorial ... thank you, Carolyn, for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Thank So So much


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