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Monday, 9 January 2012

Create a Colour Swatch from an Image

If you have Inkscape it is easy to create your own colour swatches from any image using the dropper tool. The examples below are from photo’s I have taken but you can also use clipart images. I have added a video showing one way these can be achieved and I will list some other sites for resources at the end of the post.
Example using rectangles underneath or to the side.
rect3361  rect3312
Example showing the same image with different colours selected.
rect5  rect2
Examples using different shapes for the selected colours
g3284          rect3205
Example showing the hexadecimal or rgb code added.        
text3879   text12

Written information to go with the video.
- Import and embed image
- Resize image
- To make alignment easier you can use grid or guide lines
- Draw the shape (eg. square, circle or rectangle) to add sample colours
- Align shapes to image
- Select one shape, select the dropper and select a colour from the image.
- Repeat until all shapes are coloured.
- If you wish to share the image, export as a PNG file.
- If you wish to add the hexadecimal or rgb code open – Fill and Stroke Capture7
Select the Fill tab and then the RGB tab to locate the settings.

If you like colour palettes for images but do not wish to create your own visit Design Seeds for a large selection of designer image palettes that are ready to use.

If you are interested in creating your own palettes the following sites may interest you.
Kuler by Adobe. Must register (free) if you wish to create and download your own palettes. If you own an Adobe product you can also download the palette in ase format to use in your program.

CSS Drive allows you to upload an image smaller than 1mb or link to a website image and it will produce a colour palette. It gives palettes in light, dark, medium and complete.

Color Palette Generator enter the url of an image to generate a colour palette plus the hex code for each colour.

Color Hunter allows you to upload an image and it will create a colour palette. There are less options to create a palette if you wish to choose your own colours. The site is a good source of already created colour palettes.

Big Huge Labs upload an image to create a colour palette with hexadecimal codes.